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croatia charter reviews

If you needed to dance until morning and were with several pals, you win. The next day we took a military tour around Sukosan directed by a kooky guide from Jonathan Livingston Adventure who may happen to be high, stopping at Ancient Greek ruins from 397 B.C. and the house where Josip Tito resided during World War II. (This isle simply got better and better.)
The countryside may look peaceful and calm, but the locals joke that every stone holds a concealed cannon. In fact, there are 13 kilometers of submarine and atomic bomb tunnels on the isle. We went into one among them that looked out onto the sea. We found a tunnel that was submarine and jump off and cruised about Sukosan. (That is a deep, deep dive, and it was not attempted by me.)
"entrance fee." I was so happy we chartered a yacht! We dropped anchor within an empty cove and sat in the sunshine, playing music very loudly, leaping off the side of the boat. We talked and napped, read books and failed to discover WiFi.
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